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Who is Certegy Ezi-Pay?

Certegy Ezi-Pay is a leading provider of retail No Interest Ever!

What is Certegy Ezi-Pay Express?

A continuing credit payment plan that lets you purchase goods or services today, by paying an initial deposit, with the remaining balance being conveniently direct debited fortnightly. There is a simple application, no invasive questions and fast approval times. Best of all there is No Interest Ever!

What are the set up fees and charges for an Certegy Ezi-Pay Express plan?

When you make your initial purchase, Certegy Ezi-Pay will open an Account for you. With this initial purchase, you will pay an establishment fee. The Account will provide you access to online information about your purchase(s), credit schedule(s), access to our 1800 customer call in facility and other benefits. There is a monthly account keeping fee and payment processing fee which will be direct debited. Please refer to the “Terms and Conditions” & Continuing Credit Agreement which outlineDe d s all fees and charges payable along with frequency, throughout your purchase term. 

If I pay a deposit, am I guaranteed an approval? 

Paying a deposit directly to the merchant won’t always guarantee a Certegy Ezi-Pay payment plan being approved however Certegy and your chosen merchant will work together to process your application fairly and approve where ever possible. Your Certegy Ezi-Pay payment plan will be confirmed to you via writing once the required signed paperwork is received, verified and accepted by Certegy Ezi-Pay.

I want to make a purchase from your store and pay it off over time, can I do this?

Yes you can. We give our clients access to Certegy Ezi-Pay which allows you to pay your purchase off over 12 months. The application process is quick and simple.

Can I make a purchase using Ezi-Pay even if I don’t live in Brisbane?

Yes, we ship products Australia wide to our regional clients all the time. Simply go to our website, place your order, and mention that you would like to use Certegy Ezi-Pay in the comments section. We’ll be in touch to send you the necessary paperwork via email. The process takes a little longer as we need to verify your identity.

I notice that you’re Apple, Samsung and Microsoft products are sold as a bundle. Can I separate them?

Unfortunately no. We can only source these products from our suppliers as a bundle package and therefore cannot be separated.

I am already a pre-approved customer with Certegy. Do I still have to fill in paperwork?

Yes, a new application must be presented to Certegy for every purchase; however, if you can make it to one of our stores, the process for pre-approved clients is very quick and simple.

I have a VIP card from Certegy, what does that entitle me to?

Occasionally Certegy issue VIP cards to clients that have had a good history with them. This card entitles you to make purchases with zero deposit. If you don’t have a card, then you may still be able to apply for one over the phone. Contact Certegy for more information on this.

How much deposit do I need to pay on purchases?

A 25% deposit is required on all purchases unless you have an unused VIP card.

What products do you sell on Certegy?

We have Desktop Computer System Packages, Notebook Packages. Apple, Samsung & Microsoft Samsung Products available. Please use the links below on our website to view the offers. 

All products on these pages are advertised on RRP and is the amount you pay. The prices do not include any Freight, Postage or insurance Costs. 


Buy Laptops on Certegy Ezi-Pay  

Buy Notebooks on Certegy Ezi-Pay

Buy Desktop Computers on Certegy Ezi-Pay

Buy Apple MacBook on Certegy Ezi-Pay

Buy Apple iPad on Certegy Ezi-Pay

Buy Apple iMac on Certegy Ezi-Pay 

Buy Samsung Tablet Certegy Ezi-Pay

What about other Products or Custom Built Computers?

If you are after a special product let us know and we can try source it for you. Please note any specially ordered products cannot be changed or requested for refund.

We can supply a custom built computer if selected through our website or designed to your specifications. There are a few things you need to keep in mind.

  • All our custom built products are advertised on cash / credit card prices, All finance contracts are done on Recommended Retail Pricing (RRP) and our web configurators cannot automatically calculate the RRP when you select a pre-built base system, modify the system or design a custom built configuration.
  • Please note the prices will higher than the advertised cash prices as we need to factor the recommended retail prices, associated contract postage, freight and insurance costs depending upon the items. 
  • We will need to confirm all prices before we process any applications and you do not enter any commitments by placing an order via the website.

What does RRP mean?

RRP is the recommended retail price as set by the manufacturer. All financed products sold are based on the RRP. Occasionally we may have specials and cash prices displayed on some of our products. If there is any difference between cash price and RRP price on a product you are interested in, we will notify you prior to purchase.

What term can I do finance over?

Currently we can offer finance over a 12 Month period. 

What requirements do I need to meet to apply for finance?

You generally need to be an Australian resident, with phot ID and proof of address. You also need to be working at least 30 hours a week. NOTE – There is a special approval process for people who fall outside these criteria and you may still be able to apply. Contact Precision Computers Brisbane for more information.

What is the maximum amount I can finance through your store?

Precision Computers have a store limit of $3000.00. You can still purchase products over this amount however the balance over the $3000.00 would need to be paid as deposit.

Are there any special conditions on products that are financed?

Precision Computers Brisbane is desktop manufacturing specialist. All Apple, Microsoft and Samsung Galaxy products are classed as special order products, that we source from our suppliers on behalf of our Ezi-Pay clients. They cannot therefore be returned for a refund if you change your mind. Please choose carefully before you go ahead with your purchase. All products are however still covered by full manufacturer’s warranty.

What documents are required if I am unable to visit the store?

We can provide goods Australia Wide. If you are a regional or interstate customer and hence, unable to visit the store – the following documents are required as per the Identity Verification process as per Certegy.

  • Completed Application Form.
  • Your VIP Number Copy  (If Applicable) otherwise 25% deposit will apply
  • Copy of identification (Drivers Licence) – Both Sides.
  • Any Utility Bill showing Residential Address
  • Two Recent Pay Slips
  • Last 2 x Months Bank Statement (Direct Debit Account)

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