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Symptoms of a Failing Hard Drive

Data Recovery is an expensive exercise, once the drive starts to fail mechanically data loss can be permanent especially if the platters get damaged. Knowing the warning signs of a failing hard drive can help prevent disaster.

Here are some warning signs that will assist you diagnose a failing hard drive.

  • Frequent but irregular crashes, especially while booting to the operating system
  • System really slow when searching for files or folders
  • Error messages while performing typical activities like moving or cooking files
  • Folder and file names that have been scrambled or changed
  • Disappearing files and folders
  • Really long wait times to access folders and files
  • Data corruption when opening files
  • Hard drive grinds away constantly because of noisy bearings
  • Hard drive making clicking or grinding noises
  • Bios Reporting SMART error

What should you do ?

  • Turn off your computer as soon as possible as continued use may damage the platters (data storage area) and make your data unrecoverable.
  • The longer the drive is powered on, the more damage you may be doing to your data.
  • Contact a Professional Data Recovery Company to salvage your data

Remember sometimes you only get one attempt to recover your data so choose your data recovery company carefully.

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