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Data Recovery Process from Initial Consultation to Recovery

Phone Consultation

During your first phone consultation, Precision Data Recovery gathers as much information from the client including the state of media, any related incidents, type & importance of data, comfortable budget (as Data Recovery Process can be expensive at times). This allows us to initiate the process of assessing your data loss situation to determine the best and most cost-effective data recovery solution.


Precision Data Recovery provides you with comprehensive evaluation results before you decide to proceed with your data recovery. This transparent process enables you to make an informed decision and includes:

  • Analyzing media and damage to determine the condition of data
  • List of all possible recoverable files
  • Providing a guaranteed fixed price for data recovery service
  • Data recovery service & Clean Room Service

Following the initial consultation and evaluation, Precision Data Recovery then identifies the specific data recovery protocol required to retrieve your data.  Clean Room Process  requires the drive to be physically opened in a controlled environment to assess physical damage such as heads, motors and platters and carry out the necessary repairs.

Data Recovery Completion

On completion of you data recovery service:

  • Report and any specific instructions required for transfer of your data
  • Delivery of recovered data on you provided media or external media provided by us
  • Technical support and assistance on post data recovery

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