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Scratched hard drive data recovery is possible now through Precision Data Recovery Services

To recover scratched hard drives, the hard drives need to be opened in clean room or a laminar flow bench and find out which head is damaged and which surface is scratched. 

After this investigation the platters need to be cleaned to ensure there is no debris. This specialized technique is very important to ensure a success data recovery. If not conducted properly you risk damaging the new heads. This will also result in very slow read/write operations. 

The next step is to bypass the scratched areas with the innovative and unique scratched head comb sets designed specially for this kind of data recovery. 

To use this tool, the engineers must change the head map in ROM to get the drive ready and then use selective head image and continue the data recovery process from this type of scratched hard drive. 

Engineers must have professional firmware repair and data extractor for handling such scratched hdd recovery cases as the head comb alone can only help to bypass the scratched areas to avoid head damage after head swap.

This kind of data recovery procedure is highly specialised - please enquire with your data recovery partner if they have expertise to conduct such an operation - keep in mind that sometime you only get one chance to recover your data - chose your data recovery company carefully. 

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