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This article covers how to connect a monitor to your desktop PC.

  1. Your monitor should come with a power cable. Plug one end of the cable into a power outlet, and the other end into the matching port on the back of your monitor.
  2. Examine the back of your monitor to identify which video connection your monitor will utilise. See this article for help identifying the types of video connectors.
  3. Examine the back of your PC to determine which port to plug the video cable into. If your PC has an add-in graphics card installed, then the inbuilt graphics card will be disabled. This means you must plug the video card into the port on the add-in graphics card or your PC will not recognise the monitor. See the image below to determine which port to plug the video cable into.
  4. Now turn on your monitor. If your monitor does not display anything, then you may have to manually select the input source. Simply navigate the monitor's inbuilt menu to the input source selection, and select the video that your monitor is using.

  5. Your monitor should now be working.

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