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Landing page these days is a standalone web page distinct from your main website that has been designed for a single focused objective. This is normally used to lead the target customer to a conversion goal. There are mainly two types of landing pages either Click Thriugh or Lead Generation. 

Lead generation landing pages are used to collect information of the user such as a name and email address.  This purely intended to generate a lead that you can connect to market later for your product or services. The pages where you give free ebooks or any other offers to get user information are a good example of this type of landing page. 

Click through landing pages are used to take the visitor to click through to another page. It is commonly used in ecommerce funnel. They are pursuasuve in nature aiming towards a product sale or a registration conversion. It will normally sit before the final click to action page such as a shopping car, so when your visitor lands on this page they get or reinforce their decision to complete the necessary action.

Following best practices will help you design Landing Pages that work: 

  • Landing Pages must have Relevance with Keywords
  • The content on this page must target Personas
  • Think and write a Convincing Headline
  • Use relevant images that connects with your personas
  • Position the landing page elements to make a conversion
  • Chose a landing page length that suits what your goal
  • Use keywords through the content of your page
  • Use trust signals like Reviews or Testimonials to put the user at ease
  • Write compelling call to actions
  • Optimise your PPC landing page for mobile devices
  • Work towards a 3 second or less page speed for faster response 
  • Ensure there are no distractions on the landing page
  • Test all the time and use tools such as analytics to make necessary changes

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